Thursday, March 28, 2013

We've Moved!

I'm hoping to grow this little blog of mine so I've moved to WordPress.
Here we are: Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where to find cute knit fabric

I made M a cute knit birthday dress. This is another Oliver + S pattern, the Hopscotch Dress/Top and Skirt. I get asked where I find cute knit and I mostly buy from Girl Charlee. They have a boat load of this chevron fabric in all sorts of color options. It's hard to find cute knit online and at your local fabric store. Truth be told I actually saw a little Sunbeam girl (yes, a 3 year old) who sits behind me at church and she had a skirt in this exact fabric and I fell in love. I kindly asked her if I could borrow her skirt and was told no. Fine!! kidding. This cute fabric was only like $6 a yard. Can't beat that. I only used 3/4 of a yard. I have enough fabric left to use for some sleeves if I decided to do a mix and match top. But M did wear her dress to her party and it looked like this wouldn't last size-wise to the fall. Oh well, I'll just have to make another one in 2T with 3T length since I've got a tall one. Good thing I just bought a few other options in this chevron print.

You can also find plenty of knit options on Etsy, Sewzanne's Fabric, Chez Ami, and of course

Oh on a slightly different note, I've decided not to make these and sell them, unless I get someone who wants one so bad they request one. The fabric is cheap but the time to make it plus the license from O+S I have to buy per dress I make and sell makes them pricey. Some people don't care and they'll pay for it but most want target prices including myself. I can't make this for target price. Maybe that will motivate you to pull that machine out and make one of these for a cutie in your home.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sewing Copycat

I'm one of those people who doesn't have original ideas. I copy the internet. Home Decor is just one of the ways I'm copying people. I'm not creative enough to create a fabulous abode on my own. Here's one example: Candelas Scene Model Kitchen/Dining Area / TRIO Environments from We bought a wood table and added ghost chairs from Ikea. We love it, we meaning both my husband and I. And getting the husband on board for any of my home decor 'copied' ideas is not easy. Just ask him about the turquoise dresser I have in my front entry.

Anyway, this is my sewing blog so I'll pull myself back into what I originally wanted to show. Something I love to do is find clothes online for my daughter at places like GapKids, Nordstrom, Boden USA, and CrewCuts by J. Crew. Finding clothes at these higher end places and actually buying them is another story for me. I have bought a few items at GapKids but not many. I prefer the prices at Old Navy. Nordstrom . . . I bought 1 sweater there for M because I couldn't find a cream colored cardigan anywhere at the time and it was for the Christmas dress that never even made it out of my fabric bin. I was too busy sewing laminate makeup bags that people had ordered from me, which the funds paid for another unnecessary pair of Chanel sunglasses. My weakness.

Today I saw this skirt from Mini Boden on Nordstrom's website.

When I first glanced at the fabric I thought I had seen it before on Fabricworm. I had another *I have that pattern!* moment and went to see if that fabric on the skirt really was what I had seen before. Not quite, but close enough. I just happen to have a skirt pattern that is close from Oliver + S called the 2+2 Pleated Skirt. (On a side note, O + S patterns are pricey but I have no problem paying the full amount for them. They are so worth every penny. I credit these patterns for getting me to where I am skill-wise after only having learned a year and a half ago.) Here's the pattern and fabric you could use to copy this skirt if you were in love with it. You don't even need a pattern, you could just google a gathered skirt tutorial.

I'm not in love with this skirt enough to make it but it's fun when I have those ah-ha moments.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

see bee three, now we see three

And so at 9:50 PM, Sept. 19 a new blog was started. If you have found this blog and you know me, you know that after 8 PM every night I'm sewing in my little room upstairs. Mostly sewing clothing for my daughter as well as baby gifts, bags, and anything else I find on the net that I want to copy. This blog will strictly be for my sewing stuff. So if you are interested, stick around, if not, that's cool too! So what is 'see bee three'? In the sewing blog land many sewists who make lots of clothing for their kiddos are sewing woven labels on their clothes to give them a more professional look. I decided I wanted some labels and I wanted to think of a clever name and not just put my initials. And lately I've been reading Hop on Pop by Dr. Suess to my daughter at night and the line "see bee three, now we see three" kept repeating in my mind. So I decided we'll be 'see bee three'. I'm not in the homemade Etsy business yet only because I can't seem to find the time to mass produce clothing and sew the things I really care about. But for now, my label will be on my clothes, my gifts, and special requests. I can't wait for those labels to get here. Here's a preview.

I ordered my labels from